Montreal, QC, September 25, 2015 – Sama Resources Inc./Ressources Sama Inc. (TSX-V: SME) (“Sama” or the “Company“) today announced that recent exploration results confirm the sub-horizontal nature of the Yacouba Layered Complex intrusion packages in the Yepleu sector over a much larger area then initially interpreted, increasing the size from 25 km2 to more than 70 km2. Sama’s single shallow borehole (YE16-390480) drilled one kilometer north of the Yepleu area intercepted a diorite unit of interpreted magmatic origin carrying finely disseminated sulphide mineralization including pyrrhotite and chalcopyrite, thereby confirming the presence of the Yacouba Layered Complex at the location. Sampling for mineralogical and petrological studies is ongoing.

Drilling at Samapleu

Seven drill holes were drilled as part of an infill-drilling program aimed at reducing drill spacing and increasing the strike length of the already known mineralization at the Samapleu Main and Extension 1 deposits. Results received to date are detailed in Table 1 below. Several assays remain pending.

The massive and semi-massive sulphide mineralization of boreholes SM44-428267 and SM25-133537 (See press release dated April 20, 2015) is characterised by large granular aggregates of nickel, copper and iron sulphides, named pentlandite, chalcopyrite and pyrrhotite, respectively.  Pentlandite occurs together with pyrrhotite, while the chalcopyrite, being the third mineral of global abundance appears either mixed with the pentlandite or as late sulfide centimetric veins crosscutting the pentlandite-pyrrhotite material.

Contacts between the massive sulphide lenses and the mineralized pyroxenite host are irregular, but sharp with brecciated textures, indicating that the massive sulphide material has intruded the pyroxenite host originating from a source that is yet to be discovered.

Table 1: 2015 Drill Results – Mineralized Intercepts (Intercepts were defined using 0.1% nickel cut‑off grades).

m m m % % % gr/t gr/t
SM25-133537 30 63 33 0.3808151 0.3072884 0.01888715 0.1239242 0.6283031
including 32.45 36.65 4.2 1.13 1.03 0.05 0.43 1.73
including 44.85 45.7 0.85 1.216471 0.3494118 0.05470588 0.1576471 1.795294
SM25-133538 44.45 84.8 40.35 Results awaited
84.8 126.25 41.45 0.6106433 0.4651168 0.03183737 0.1684726 1.063456
including 87.95 88.65 0.7 0.85 1.71 0.04 0.45 1.31
including 93.3 97.2 3.9 1.397692 1.014872 0.07641026 0.2715385 2.468205
including 107 108.2 1.2 1.755 0.495 0.085 0.175 2.825
including 115.7 116 0.3 2.07 0.68 0.09 0.04 2.59
including 120.6 124.5 3.9 1.374696 0.7726202 0.06380336 0.2949567 2.033536
SM44-428267 15 68.95 53.95 0.9640145 0.7561278 0.03935359 0.09468447 0.7393447
including 27.5 28.5 1 0.89 0.98 0.04 0.05 0.75
including 57.65 60.55 2.9 4.45 2.2 0.16 0.01 3.08
including 62.9 68 5.1 3.87 2.56 0.14 0.03 2.83
72.85 106.95 34.1 Results awaited
SM44-473240 22.1 100 77.9 0.2774167 0.286618 0.01363457 0.1785305 0.2839672
including 25.1 27.8 2.7 1.339252 0.6157202 0.04675005 0.0970652 1.080404
including 98 98.6 0.6 0.9 1.46 0.04 11.6 0.89
SM25-111555 36.5 86 49.5 0.3072979 0.2806804 0.01712401 0.1516903 0.5865515
including 59.75 60.3 0.55 1.88 1.49 0.08 0.03 2.2
including 78.8 79.15 0.35 1.97 0.49 0.1 0.03 3.03
SM44-459220 18.1 90.9 72.8 0.3301329 0.2405227 0.01724252 0.09450332 0.3406791
including 20.7 21.6 0.9 1.26 1.21 0.06 0.51 2.11
including 45.2 46.4 1.2 1.03 0.6 0.04 0.06 1.44
including 85.4 89.5 4.1 1.330875 0.8340486 0.05290587 0.07455257 0.8302479
SM44-429266 15.5 78 62.5 0.2269482 0.3331988 0.01236534 0.1151195 0.2305047

Readers are invited to view an updated geological map showing the interpreted surface extent of the Yacouba Layered Complex via the following link.

Core logging and sampling was performed at Sama’s facility in Yorodougou village. Sample preparation was conducted at the Bureau Veritas Mineral Laboratory’s facility in Abidjan. Sample pulps were delivered to Activation Laboratories Ltd., Ancaster, Thunder Bay, Canada, for assaying. All samples were assayed for Ni, Cu, Co, Pt, Pd, Au, Fe and S.

Withdrawal of Short Form Prospectus
The Company is withdrawing its preliminary short form prospectus dated June 8, 2015 and will not be proceeding with the offering described in its press release of June 9, 2015. This decision was due to market conditions and the costs involved in addressing comments of the securities regulators regarding the Company’s technical report with respect to its Samapleu property. The Company intends to file an updated technical report when its exploration work on the Samapleu property is sufficiently advanced so as to warrant such an update.

The technical information in this release has been reviewed and approved by Dr. Marc-Antoine Audet, P.Geo and President and Chief Executive Officer, Sama Resources Inc., and Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101, Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects.

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